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I wish to thank you for showing interest in PARAMOUNT SCHOOL SUHWAL GHAZIPUR was established in 2018.. We have been providing quality of education to the children consist of three things. (i) Leadership (ii) Intelligent fellowship (iii) Co-operation. Each person in his life is a leader in save field. Follower in other and has to co-operate everywhere to give a grounding in this and to fulfill the first and foremost aim of education.
To prepare children for happy life. Whatever may be then profession of a person his income and position he will feel happy if he has a hobby to develop hobbies in children various clubs should be started in the school. To prepare for healthy life. Physical Education and health education are the main projects for this purpose.
To prepare the children for right career counseling and vocational guidance and the school will also maintain the cumulative record cards of all the children.

Pattern of Education

To prepare the children for a disciplined life. Besides moral education and honesty. The school must prepare a code of conduct for all the children. To inculcate the children love for labor. Dignity of a labor Project and earn while you learn project should be undertaken in the school. To inculcate the children love for your country. National Integration Education for democracy and Mock parliament are the most suitable projects develop love for one’s country. To include the habit & cleanliness, Beautification of school as project will help. As a parent of student, we assure you of a very enriching and fruitful time for your ward spending with us.

Mr. Mukesh Singh


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